hi :)

      thank you for creating this great game
      i really loved this
      game because its very smooth in controls in keyboard and it have very
      amazing 3D graphics but it only have 1 map !!

      it needs a lots of things like :

      1-add spike bomb that go throw all bricks
      2-when i take speed boots my speed still same slow..even if i take lots of speed items my speed still slow...no increase in speed !!! ??
      3-make when player die all his items go on map so that other players can have his items like the speed item , bomb item flame item...etc
      4-add nuclear bomb
      5-add ghosts6
      6-add chemical bomb
      7-increase textures and graphics make it more Awsome :)
      8-more maps ..at least 20 maps !!
      9-options to create room for multiplayer with kick/invite friend options..
      10-chat system
      11-add button for scores like ..kills , deaths , ping, frame rate per second
      12-add alot of taunts...and emotions for victory
      13-add more characters..
      14-add ability to throw bomb
      15-when am in game ...i cant press escape button to go to menu...there is no
      option for it so i must wait 55 seconds for game to finish!!!
      16-add zombie mode ( for multipayer ..if player die he become zombie)
      17-add options to increase game match like 5 minutes or 9 minutes or 2 minutes
      18-add rain effict
      19-add wind effect that move all bombs and items when there is wind
      20-add storm effect that shake all items in map like bombs and speed items and other items
      21-and lighting strike effect
      22-add map for jungle,grave yard map(make it horror map), night club map(with
      neons on map)..snow map, pirate ship map, military map....etc
      23-add jump pad in map that make player jump to another place in map when he step on the jump pad
      24-add night for some maps
      25-add team death match mode in multiplayer like 5 vs 5 ..red vs blue
      26-add ability to share score and picture on facebook
      27-add rank system like liteunat , supreme comander ,rookie,noob, advanced,,, like levels system with exp

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      Hello and a happy new year...

      You are right, there are a lot of features missing in the current alpha version :(
      The most things you have posted are on my list too and some of features (teammode, more extras) will come with the next release.

      You can try the old Bombzone 1, there are a lot more features and much more Extras, but (800x600) :(

      Sorry the current roadmap is not up-to-date

      hi marco :)
      the new bombzone refueld version is very good and fun and have great graphics ..i just want to play it multiplayer with my friend... can you add multiplayer feature now ? i mean just add the feature of lan and online now and then latter make the updates that you need.... game is cool its just need multiplayer very fast !!! i just want multiplayer feature now so i can play it with my friend while you finish the next update...so just make new version and add online and lan feature ...i have been waiting for your next update for loooooooong time !!! but you didnt make update...make multiplayer feature am waiting :) thanks